Susan Delamare

English Professor

City College of New York

160 Convent Avenue

New York, New York 10031


Dear Professor Delamare,


I am thrilled at the possibility of collaborating and making your acquaintance. My name is Francisco Martinez, I was born and raised in College Point New York, and am a first generation American from a Colombian father and a Dominican mother. I have recently graduated with an Applied Math degree at the City College of New York, and am currently studying for a computer science degree at the Grove School of Engineering.


As a kid I always admired creators. People who would use their creativity, knowledge, and passion to create things. Nothing is as satisfying as putting yourself into something you are passionate about, and creating something that is a reflection of who you are into the world, whether its artists, scientists, or engineers. I usually satisfy this craving, through applying myself into my hobbies of cooking, practicing martial arts, and yoga. Simultaneously, I love dissecting things we take for granted and answering the question why. I always loved analyzing, finding solutions to problems, and understanding how things worked. My fondness of understanding things, is what made me love mathematics and history.  As an applied math student, I was able to satisfy my analytical mind, but programming gives me a feeling of accomplishment that few things rival.


I first encountered programming in an applied linear algebra class, where I had to use matlab to create programs, that would manipulate matrices inputted. It was one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, but I enjoyed the process of creating the program, and seeing the results of my labor. I realized then, I loved programming and that I might pursue a degree in programming, and eventually, a Masters in Data Science.


My goals for the future is to secure an internship while studying, and to graduate with a computer science degree. Afterwards I plan on finding a programming job, while studying for my masters in Data Science. Lastly as a Data Scientist, I hope to flex my analytical skills by using data manipulation to make insights and correlations into unknown phenomena, while solving real world problems.


In terms of recent scientific advancements, I am really excited about advances in biology. From growing replacement body parts, to altering genetic data to cure diseases with crispr, disease  and possibly cancer will be eradicated. Eventually, in the future,  body parts could be replaced like batteries and  you can be forever young. It might not happen soon, but who knows how far this technology can go. With so much data being produced in modern times, I am also really interested in the field of Data Science. Its new, so it is constantly changing, and it is very exciting.With the new techniques used from data science and machine learning, we are now able to organize huge chunks of data to find insights and correlations in almost any field that deals with massive quantities of data. Automation and self driving cars are also new technologies that will greatly impact how we live. It might make things more cheaper and cause less working hours. I am also still waiting for the cure to male pattern baldness. My dad and half brother are bald, so I might be next. As great as these technologies are, I am a bit uneasy on how they might affect society. Will the rich be the only ones able to afford these medical advancements if insurance does not cover it? Will corporations own everyone’s data and use it unethically? Will automation cause massive unemployment? How will climate change affect the world and its resources? My goal is not to be a pessimist, but a realist. As awesome as these technologies are, we still have to be sure that they are used responsibly, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.


Thank You Ms. Delamere for your time, and I hope to stay in touch.





Francisco Martinez